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Paul practiced and taught psychology for sixty years, “and because it’s a practice, I thought at some point, I’d eventually get it right”.

Paul shared his love of flying with the youth of northern Michigan through a partnership with MGN and the Young Eagles program, donating his time and talents to hundreds of children over they years, so that they too could experience the magic of flight.

It was a friend in real estate who was hosting an open house not far from the airpark. Paul, not in the market at that time but always willing to visit a friend stopped by the home and from there he saw the vacant land adjacent to the airport. That's when the vision took hold for a development that would cater to the adventure enthusiast and allow the ultimate convenience for anyone passionate about flying - the ability to live with your plane along the pristine shoreline of Lake Michigan. 


Paul was a quiet man of great intellect who had the ability to see the bigger and boundless picture in life, quite similar to the skies he flew. It is our honor to carry on his legacy of community, adventure and always exploring new horizons and limitless possibilities. 

Paul and Phyllis Sullivan 


"The only place on earth where you can go to heaven without dying"
                                                                                                                  -Paul Sullivan

How does a boy from Calumet with a love for jazz music and a storied career in the field of psychology, find himself at the helm of a unique and ground breaking development?


The answer is one part visionary the other opportunity.   

An aviation enthusiast throughout his life, Paul was a graduate of both the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. He worked tirelessly in the field of psychology and education, always pursuing the challenges of human character and advancement.

Dr. Paul Wayne Sullivan 06.27.1930 - 02.20.2017

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