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Sullivan's HSA Homeowners' Association
  • Taxiway Maintenance 
  • Landscaping Upkeep
  • Snow Removal 

A strong neighborhood provides the foundation for individuals and families to thrive.  SHSA is committed to providing the highest level of community management.  

  • Well Maintained Amenities
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Homes
  • Protected Property Values

Sullivan's Harbor Springs Airpark, a residential 'fly in' site condominium located in Emmet County, Michigan, shall be administered by an Association of Co-owners which shall be a non-profit corporation, herein referred to as 'Association', organized under the applicable laws of the State of Michigan and responsible for the management, maintenance, operation, and administration of the Common Elements, easements and affairs of the condominium in accordance with the Condominium Documents and the laws of the State of Michigan. These Bylaws shall constitute both the Bylaws referred to in the Master Deed and required by section 3(g) of the Act and the Bylaws provided for under the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act. 

Each Co-owner shall be entitled to membership and no other person or entity shall be entitled to membership. The share of a Co-owner in the lands and assets of the Association cannot be assigned pledged or transferred in any manner, except as an appurtenance to the Co-owner's Unit.

The Association shall keep current copies of the Master Deed, all amendments to the Master Deed, and other Condominium Documents for the Condominium available at reasonable hours to Co-owners, prospective purchasers, and prospective mortgagees of Units in the Condominium. The Association, all Co-owners in the Condominium and all persons using or entering upon or acquiring any interest in any Unit therein or the Common Elements thereof shall be subject to the provisions and terms set forth in the aforesaid Condominium Documents. All terms used herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Master Deed to which these Bylaws are attached as an Exhibit, or as set forth in the Act.

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Sullivan's HSA Annual Association Dues provide for the following amenities and services:

-Common Grounds Maintenance: lighting, vegitation, taxiway sweeping, common lawn and snow removal services

-Promotions Support: Marketing services including online presence, website maintenance, print materials, and ad publications 

-Legal Support: Routine legal efforts related to the Airpark and it's Association

-General Insurance Policy 

The KMGN Airport Authority assesses an annual $1,200 fee (constructed homes only) which allows access to the active

and maintained taxiway and runway. Please note this is a separate fee from the SHSA Association Dues.


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